Breaking the Shield, Introduction to 'Inspiration Engineering' - Philosophy, Practices and Success Stories of Inspiration Labs©
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Inspiration as a phenomena have been around since beginning of time, however it never been in history of mankind an important currency that can be engineered and developed. The level of success of future developments depends on our ability to design and engineer inspiration. Inspiration Engineering therefore more than a trend, it is a capacity developing concept that long been undermined or gone unstudied.

In "Breaking the Shield", Mohamed Buheji and Dunya Ahmed explore their innovative concept “Inspiration Engineering” which can help to create and manage inspiration in ways never been discussed before. The authors discuss how to use inspiration to influence change without power or with minimal resources, or how to approach problems or challenges or failures or losses to create from them sources of inspiration. This book breaks the shield in many hidden spots and help to explore new unseen opportunities through different case studies.

Discover how people, organizations, and societies can tap hidden powers, bolster their influence, and reach new levels of achievements by laying the foundation for an inspiration economy.

Mohamed Buheji
Dunya Ahmed