CEEMAN: 20 Years of Creating History
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On the occasion of its 21st Annual Conference, held in Bled, Slovenia in 2013, CEEMAN was proud to present a book CEEMAN: 20 Years of Creating History, capturing important events and paying tribute to people and institutions that have made this organization what it is today.
Written by an American academic, Phil Mirvis, and Prof. Arnold Walravens from IEDC-Bled School of Management, the book traces CEEMAN’s history created by all those who were involved in the work and development of the association in the first two decades of its existence.

A special acknowledgement and appreciation goes to the CEEMAN pioneers, board members, and all CEEMAN members, as well as Mr. Sandi Češko, co-founder and executive chairman of Studio Moderna, who sponsored this unique publication.

To receive a copy of the book, please contact CEEMAN Office at or Tel +386 457 92 505.