CEEMAN News Issue 89 - Autumn 2018
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The focal point of this edition of CEEMAN News is the 26th CEEMAN Annual Conference: it gives you a comprehensive overview over the events and festivities that took place in Prague on 19-21 September 2018.

Closely tied to that, this edition’s interview gives you more valuable insight into how the CEEMAN Manifesto “Changing the Course of Management Development: Combining Excellence with Relevance” came to be: Derek Abell spoke to us about his vision for management education and what inspired him to pursue this mission.

The issue also gives you more information about the exciting new workshop CEEMAN is launching for top leadership teams, Leading the Way in Management Development, and invites you to the IMTA Alumni event that is planned for our flagship’s 20-year anniversary next year.

A lot of our CEEMAN members and partner organizations are featured in this edition as well, sharing information on upcoming events, updates, and research insights.