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Assessment of Management Training Needs at the Achieved Level of Transition
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The research project on 'the Assessment of Management Training Needs at the Achieved Level of Transition' was implemented by the Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN) and was sponsored by the European Training Foundation. Conducted in two phases in 1998 and 2000, the project covered selected enterprises in nine countries: Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, the Russian Federation, and Slovenia (1998); and Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and Ukraine (2000). It concentrates on the issue of management training needs in manufacturing and service sector enterprises, with the aim of understanding training processes, approaches and practice in order to evaluate how training has been used as a response to evolving business needs and how it can be further developed in the future.

The report presents results of the 'cross-country analysis' based on the five country reports from phase 1 of the research, which surveyed a total of 74 enterprises and 564 managers during 1998. As it was not possible to provide a cross-country analysis of all nine countries in this report, it was considered useful to add a "postscript" at the end of the report. This chapter "Lessons from  Nine Central  and  Eastern  European  Countries"  covers  key findings, issues, conclusions and recommendations for both research phases 1 and 2, thus 158 companies and 852 managers.

Phase 1 of research carried out in the second half of 1998, reports published in 1999, covers five countries:

  1. Bulgaria by Andreas Dernbach, 'Know-how Company' Sofia, and Mariola Tamnichka, management trainer.
  2. Romania by Gabriel Matauan, International Management Foundation (FIMAN).
  3. Poland by Dorota Dobija and Janet Bohdanowicz, Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management.
  4. Moscow and Ural Region, Russian Federation by Sergey Filonovich, Higher School of Economics, Moscow.
  5. Slovenia by Milenko Gudic, Nenad Filipovic, and Danica Purg, IEDC-Bled School of Management.

Phase 2 of research extended to four other countries, implemented in the first half of 2000, with reports published in 2001:

  1. Hungary (hard copy only) by Sandor Nagy, International  Business School - Budapest, Iren Gyoker, Budapest Technical University, and Susanna Pani, Central European University.
  2. Latvia (hard copy only) by Ella Kalnina and Irina Sennikova, Riga International College of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA).
  3. Lithuania (hard copy only) by Virginijus Kundrotas and Linas Turauskas, International School of Management (ISM).
  4. Ukraine by Bohdan Budzan and Iryna Tykhomyrova, International Management Institute MIM-Kyiv. 
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