Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. From Values to Impact
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The book is an extension and enrichment of the existing knowledge in the field of CSR and sustainability. By handing it over to the readers, the editors hope to inspire academics and practitioners to new challenges by showing a new meaning of the concepts in the light of values and impact in the present times.

This book aims to present selected theoretical and practical aspects of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, emphasizing the journey (transition) from values to impact.

Values play an essential role in the business world, and they shape the responsible approach of organizations. However, pressing and still unresolved challenges of the present day evidently show significant discrepancies between organizations’ declarations on values and their real impact. COVID-19 pandemic, globalization 4.0, climate catastrophe, and challenges emphasized by SDGs constitute the new environment that contemporary organizations face. In effect, business is part of the problem and a solution as well. It is necessary to quickly and effectively push for action taking into account the power of responsible business to co-create human life and the environment. Both the theoretical considerations and the practice-based studies presented in this monograph make a significant contribution to the theory and practice of management. The book is an extension and enrichment of the existing knowledge in socially responsible management in organizations.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability will be of value to academics, researchers and advanced students in the fields of business and management, especially those interested in the intersection of management and CSR and sustainability and those focusing on the impact that business activities have on the environment.

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