COVID-19 and Business Schools: From Pragmatic Reactions to Strategic Solutions
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The publication presents a summary of responses of CEEMAN member schools in the first wave of COVID-19, prepared by Arnold Walravens.

Still in the beginning of 2020, business schools promoted their programs and events as usual. By March, the COVID-19 outbreak changed the world for the business schools endangering also their expected revenue streams. As a consequence of trying to stop the spread of the virus by restrictive measures, the economies of countries came to a stop. Airlines grounded their aircrafts. And, even if a country (like Belarus) did not introduce strict measures, the business schools saw that their international partners’ countries closed the borders and faculty and students from abroad could not come to study anymore.

As it is the CEEMAN’s spirit not to think in terms of problems, but of solutions, the initiative has been taken to ask our members and partners how they coped with the implications of COVID-19. Quite a large number, 34 submissions from 20 countries, were received informing about the way the challenges of COVID-19 have been met.

In the following table, a brief presentation thereof can be found. The information is grouped under four items:

-          Ad hoc decisions and solutions

-          The transition to hybrid or fully online formats

-          The launch of new programs and strategic initiatives

-          Projects launched in relation to COVID-19