Creativity and Innovation Management - a Storytelling Approach
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Velimir Srića, one of the CEEMAN founding members, and the first editor of CEEMAN News, has just published on Amazon his first DIGITAL book titled „Creativity and Innovation Management - a Storytelling Approach“.

The book is dedicated to innovative managers and to their creative games, resulting in innovation, change, and a joy of work and life. It is available for purchase in the Kindle Store for only 4.99 US$ because the author wanted to reach as wide audience as possible.

FROM THE BOOK: There is an eternal question: A creative person, is he born or grown, bred and trained? The right answer is YES; innovators are educated and taught, but the best among them are born with a natural talent. This book is intended to help all the born and bred change-masters, inventors, and monsters of creativity, to improve their gift and put it in full use. By reading it, you will help your natural buds turn into flowers, and become better qualified to deal with the complex and inspirational issues of creativity and innovation management. 

To purchase go directly to KINDLE STORE

Velimir Srića also published a book „In Search of Harmony in a Disharmonious World – Leadership Manual for Change Agents and Dreamers“, Algora Publishing, New York, 2014. HERE