Developing Coaching Skills: A Concise Introduction
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In an innovative brief textbook format, IMTA alumnus and CUAS Professor Dietmar Sternad published a concise book which enables leadership and coaching students to quickly learn the main principles and tools of executive coaching and life coaching.

‟An outstanding introduction to a wide range of coaching tools and methodologiesˮ,  ‟a comprehensive, up-to-date guide for coaches and coach educatorsˮ, and ‟practically a masterclass in your libraryˮ – that´s how experienced coaches and lecturers in coaching reviewed the new brief textbook of Dietmar Sternad, Professor of International Management at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS).

On only slightly more than 100 pages, the book includes the key concepts and methods of coaching, tried and tested coaching tools, best-practice examples from around the world, over 200 coaching questions, and a range of different practical coaching exercises that help students to acquire essential coaching skills.

Additional bonus learning materials (e.g. mindmaps and interactive flashcards for each chapter or video links) are also available on the companion website for the book.

Developing Coaching Skills will also be used in the Personal Skills Development development module in the new curriculum of the International Business Management master´s program at CUAS. The new curriculum puts a stronger focus on developing digital skills and personal skills (such as coaching as a key leadership skill).

The new book was published in both a print and an e-book version in June 2021 by econcise, a newly-founded publishing house specialized on concise, easily accessible and affordable textbooks.

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