Exploring Inspiration Economy
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Exploring Inspiration Economy is a book that explains the relation of Behavioural Economics based Inspiration that use the Intrinsic powers of (individuals, organisations and communities) to address socio-economic needs. The book shows how the concept have been developing rapidly in the last few years with its more differentiated live labs applications that are influencing the quality of life and the development of many communities.

This edited book is a collective of published papers and articles in different peer-reviewed journals and conferences. The idea behind this work is to show and follow the progress of one of the new coming behavioural economy fields that is Inspiration Economy, as rapidly developing socioeconomic concept that might create a differentiated outcome in the coming years. It is a reference book for those interested in understanding how Inspiration Economy labs, Inspiration Currency, Inspirational techniques of Problem Solving as Differential Diagnosis and Complex Models, are handled, developed and optimised. The papers show the relation also between Inspiration Economy and the supporting coming economies as Youth Economy and Resilience Economy and how they address the world future foresighted needs in unique ways. The opportunities developed in the chapters of the book show how much we humans can change positively the fate of humanity, if we realise, discover and capitalize on the opportunities around us in effective creative ways. 

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Mohamed Buheji