Gamification and Advanced Technology to Enhance Motivation in Education (free download book)
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"FLIGBY – A Serious Game Tool to Enhance Motivation and Competencies in Entrepreneurship", by Zoltan Buzady (IMTA 2015 alumnus), Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary & Fernando Almeida, Polytechnic Institute of Gaya, Portugal was included in a recent book "Gamification and Advanced Technology to Enhance Motivation in Education".

Entrepreneurship is currently one of the most fundamental economic activities in the 21st century. Entrepreneurship encourages young generations to generate their self-employment and develop key soft-skills that will be useful throughout their professional career. This study aims to present and explore a case study of a higher education institution that adopts FLIGBY as a serious game, which allows students to develop entrepreneurship skills in an immersive way and based on real challenges that can be found in business environments.

The findings indicate that FLIGBY offers relevant potentials and new possibilities in the development of management, leadership, and entrepreneurship skills. Furthermore, the game allows the inclusion of summative and formative assessment elements, which are essential in the process of monitoring and analyzing the student’s performance.

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