In Search of Harmony in a Disharmonious World: Leadership Manual for Change Agents and Dreamers
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In easily-digested "lessons" Prof. Velimir Srica gives over fifty examples explaining in detail how each of us can develop internal harmony, and how to build and develop harmonious teams and organizations. Questioning the existing value system, the author offers a new, harmonious leadership model for managers in government, politics, and both profit-based and non-profit organizations, but also for common people who want to lead a better life.
Prof. Srica finds the source of today's global chaos in the lack of leadership in politics and business, and he explains why the current paradigm is exhausted. The first pages are valuable in their own right, as they present an ice-bath of cold facts that will wake up anyone who doubts that change is urgently needed.
Each one of us is, in a sense, a leader in this world, and the author encourages us to adopt a model of harmony-based leadership as the solution. He shows some of the soft yet effective techniques true leaders use in creating a team that moves together toward a goal.

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