Journal of Inspiration Economy (JIE)
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The Journal of Inspiration Economy (JIE) aims to publish peer reviewed and high quality original research articles that describe latest research and developments in areas focusing on the inspiration principles and management in the world. Inspiration Economy is a research field which encapsulates varied academic fields(including but not restricted to: economics, management, sociology, psychology, etc) looking at various issues related to: innovation, creativity, knowledge, services, leadership, sustainable development, etc. JIE is a peer-reviewed journal and published twice a year (September, March).
JIE has been getting a growing interest from the knowledge community from all over the world and specially with those interested in inspiring the world through dedicated work and scientific research.

Volume two of the JIE includes the following articles: 
  • Key Drivers Influencing Shopping Behavior In Retail Stores
  • An Investigation of the Relationship between Branding and Customer Loyalty within the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Trajectories of Innovation in the Health Care Sector: the Case of Belgian Nursing homes
  • External Shocks to and Volatility of Economic Growth in Asain-6: A Dynamic Panel 1991-2011
  • Knowledge Management Capabilities in the Kingdom of Bahrain: Case Study of the Supreme Council for Women
  • Expert Point-of-View Paper Inspiration of Confucius Thought for Economics and International Relations
  • Book Review ‘Resilience’ for Andrew Zolli and Ann Healy

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