New book "Hybrid Intelligence. Business Use Cases" by A. Ryjov
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The book “Hybrid Intelligence. Business Use Cases” by prof. A. P. Ryjov, of teh School ot IT Management, RANEPA, Russia (IEDC-Bled School of Management graduate 2002), generalizes experience in developing collaborative human-AI systems with applications for different areas (global security, healthcare, high-tech) for different types of organizations (international, state, global companies, SMB).

The last decade could be named as the time of AI and Big Data. Both AI and Big Data have a wide spectrum of definitions; they cast themselves as a number of technologies that span across a lot of different things and can be described in different ways. As a result of this explosion, even specialists have no unified understanding what AI is; opinions like “Artificial intelligence has accrued some very bad reputation over the years” or “Some industry experts believe that the term artificial intelligence is too closely linked to popular culture, causing the general public to have improbable expectations about how it will change the workplace and life in general” becomes popular. Big companies are changing the politics in AI: Facebook is shutting down M, its personal assistant service, IBM reduced 70% of AI flagman - IBM Watson Health, etc. Autonomous adaptive self-learning and self-sufficient AI seem like a far future; realistic way to solve intelligent tasks now is a symbiosis of human and computer intelligence.

Note that fathers-founders of cybernetics like William Ross Ashby (p. 271) and Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider (p.4) saw the future in the same way. This direction is becoming recognized by science and technology experts as an important part of the future technology landscape: see, for example:

The book presents a vision of how we can combine human and computer intelligence for solving a wide spectrum of tasks from different areas of life, business, and economy in a collaborative manner. Optimization of such collaborative work, scenarios, cases also presented and discussed. The book is recommended by the Institute of Economics, Mathematics, and Information technologies RANEPA as a textbook for students in IT management specialty.

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