New monograph by Zdzisława Dacko-Pikiewicz published by Routledge
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Routledge Publishing House has published a new book titled Reputation Management and Family Business written by Zdzisława Dacko-Pikiewicz, Professor of Applied Sciences and Rector of WSB University, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland. This book is included in Routledge Studies in Management, Organizations and Society series. The publication is available in open access.

Corporate reputation is important in gaining long-term competitive advantage and building company value. Thus, in her book, the author points out the need to manage reputation, which, due to its complex nature and multidimensional character, is a serious and difficult challenge.

The monograph "Reputation Management and Family Business" presents a strategic model of reputation management of family businesses, important in gaining long-term competitive advantage and building enterprise value. Description of conditions, components and processes of reputation management and identification of relations between them allows to identify key elements of the concept of corporate reputation management and practical recommendations for using this concept in improving functioning of family businesses. The publication is addressed to researchers, students and managers interested in the subject of entrepreneurship and management.

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