New Publication: Organizational Resilience in Hospitality and Tourism
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The book "Organizational Resilience in Hospitality and Tourism" by Rozkwitalska-Welenc et al. explores resilience strategies in volatile markets, blending organizational and psychological aspects. Targeted at researchers and professionals, it confirms key resilience factors. Available on February 29, 2024.

In this book, the authors present unique factors that make hospitality and tourism organizations resilient in the VUCA world. With contacts at the center of their hospitality and tourism organizational resilience model, the organizational and psychological perspectives are also incorporated. This innovative volume tests the model of organizational resilience in hospitality and tourism organizations. The study identifies and validates organizational and individual factors that create a resilient organization in the hospitality and tourism sector. It will be of interest to researchers, academics, practitioners, and advanced students in the fields of organizational studies, strategic management, hospitality, and tourism management.