Post-Heroic Leadership
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“In a world too accustomed to the “Hero’s Journey” as entertainment, we need some better from our leaders in practice. Skerlavaj nicely lays out a more impactful map for today’s leaders, one where the entire organization is an active, necessary part of the journey” – Prof. Spencer Harrison, INSEAD, France.

This pioneering new book sets out to categorize context, process, and outcomes of post-heroic leadership. Complexities of modern business environment along with fundamental functioning of human psychology require us to make a paradigm shift in the way we perceive and practice effective leadership. The author argues that in order for businesses to succeed in the times to come, leaders need to move away from ego-centered leadership toward post-heroic leadership – a leadership that emphasizes servant and shared practices, puts task and collective front and center and leaders’ ego in the background.

Providing a deeper understanding of the post-heroic leadership across industries and disciplines, the book starts by elaborating on the zeitgeist and need for a new type of leadership. It highlights the process and elements of post-heroic leadership in action, such as post-heroically leading change, developing culture of trust with feedback, and sustainable and responsible post-heroic leadership. Finally, the book focuses on the outcomes of post-heroic leadership, including resilience and innovation.

Featuring mini-case studies from leaders in healthcare, family entertainment, ICT, haute cuisine, and manufacturing to name a few, this book provides a thorough understanding of this new wave of leadership and a platform for further research.

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Miha Škerlavaj is Vice Dean for Research and Professor of management at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, and Adjunct Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at BI Norwegian Business School. He is valued Teacher, Workshop Facilitator, and awarded Researcher who published in prestigious international research journals including the Academy of Management Journal, the Harvard Business Review, the Journal of Organizational Behavior, the Leadership Quarterly, and the Human Resource Management. His research received attention in global media such as The New York Times. He has extensive practical experience through workshops, trainings, and consulting assignments throughout the world. Prof. Škerlavaj teaches Ph.D., EMBA, executive, and master of science programs and regularly facilitates workshops with practitioners on organizational development and change, leadership development, culture, human resource management, creativity, and innovation management.