Re-Inventing Our Lives - Handbook for Socio-Economic Problem-Solving
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When we study socio-economic issues, we study the way our lives are planned. This handbook seeks to reinvent the way we think and deal with challenges in our life journey by reinventing how our minds visualize complex problems. It shows patterns of problem structure and its activity profile in discovering hidden opportunities in socio-economic issues.

The problem outcome is linked to effective problem scenarios and visualized stories, showing us how our social life affects our economic outcomes. The dynamics of complex socio-economic situations are explained in terms of different styles of thinking rather than problem solving competency.

In Handbook of Socioeconomic Problem Solving, Dr. Buheji shows how we can renew our learning capacity and extract factors that influence the problem outcome with high “multiplying effect” solutions. Diversified problem-solving techniques help the reader build socio-economic perspectives.

Management of frustration gives the problem solver the capacity to fill the gap needed to create proper solution values, visualize improved situations, inspire change, and create meaningful assets. This handbook challenges the reader to learn, do, and then learn by experience. Only through this can we achieve breakthroughs. It is a challenge; can you take it?