Seeds on the Road of Competitiveness by Dr. Mohamed Buheji
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The book is written by a Competitive Management Expert who utilized his more than 25-year expertise from more than 300 projects in Arab World and Asian region to reflect in this comprehensive and well structured book the challenges of organizations in these developing countries.

The author mixes the spirit with the thoughts and emotions that come from experiences he faced tackling a chronic problem of the capacity of building competitive cultures, starting from government organizations. The chapters in the book analyse and then guide to solutions in issues relevant to competitiveness such as Organisational Excellence, Innovation and Learning.

Dr Buheji has managed to provide in the book more than 300 best practice case studies, in programs that enhanced competitiveness of different countries around the world. The author was successful in making analogy to different situations which Arab World can pick if they follow certain streams.

The seeds that Dr. Buheji tries growing are supported by real lifetime examples of his branded models of what is called “Competitiveness Labs”©. The well illustrated models in the book reflect the type of well structured thoughts that came in the book from the school of “Un -structured Learning”, which would help to build up the needed Radical Change Capacity in the future. The book concludes with an action plan for implementing competitiveness related practices both on organizational and society level and even extends to calling for a national plan on the issue. 

The book was published by the Knowledge Forum (Lebanon) and has been a best seller since 2102 among the Arab Management Books and During Exhibitions and is available to order on the following Web Sites: