Survey on business school responses to global crisis
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The survey, conducted by CEEMAN in 2009, assesses how business schools perceive the global crisis and its impact on business education and leadership development. In this respect the survey will also examine business schools’ responses in terms of innovations in areas critical for their customer focus such as faculty development, research, and the development of an educational portfolio that meets the changing demand and needs of schools’ learning partners.

The survey results, based on more than over 170 responses from business schools from more than 40 countries, were presented by Al Rosenbloom, CEEMAN Survey Lead Investigator, Dominican University, US, and Milenko Gudić, CEEMAN IMTA Director at the CEEMAN Deans and Directors Meeting on "Global Crisis and Business School Responses", held in the context of the 17th CEEMAN Annual Conference on Local Responses to Global Crisis, on 24-26 September in Riga, Latvia. 

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