EdTech - Seminar on Digital Technologies in Teaching and Learning

Oct 2019
Bled, Slovenia


Digitalization in education is not about just shifting from pencil to screen, it’s about allowing students to truly enhance their learning and enabling management development institutions to deliver impactful learning experience in a more accessible and personalized way.

Digital technologies are at the heart of modern education systems, workplaces and learning environments, changing the way we teach and learn. This seminar is intended for decision-makers (deans, associate deans, directors), administrative and academic staff of management universities and business schools who would like to learn more about strategies, practices and tools for embedding digital technologies in teaching and learning. 

The goal of this seminar is to help participants advance their knowledge, understanding, and fluency with digital learning trends, methods and tools. In particular, after completing this seminar, depending on their role as academics or administrators, participants should be able to:

  • Engage in informed debate about the contribution, value and limitations of digital technologies in teaching and learning, now and in the future.
  • Meaningfully contribute to strategic decision making in their Business School related to the transformational opportunities and practical constraints of digital technologies in teaching and learning.
  • Have a solid grasp of learning models and their implementation in a digital or blended context.
  • Be articulate in the language of Learning Management Systems and related tools.
  • Participate in the design and delivery of online and/or blended courses with confidence.


The EdTech Seminar is an intensive and highly interactive four-day program where international faculty and renown experts will provide overview of the “big picture” and trends of digitalization in management education, as well as share their experience on a number of issues crucial for implementing technology strategies in management education programs and environments. The program will also provide space for participants to share their own best practices, success (or failure) stories, and relevant insights to facilitate peer learning and exchange.

This seminar is intended for Business School members who are either actively pursuing or plan to pursue a digital strategy for teaching and learning. In particular, this seminar will benefit the following participant profiles:
  • Faculty members engaging or planning to engage in developing and delivering online and/or blended methods of teaching.
  • Administrators such as program managers who are working or plan to work on program redesign or new program launch with a strong online/blended element
  • Senior administrators such as Associate Deans who contemplate the strategy and implementation tactics for digital technology in teaching and learning, including learning models, business models, skills and competencies, resourcing, and change management.
  • Business School academics or administrators appointed or expected to be appointed as Associate Deans or Directors for Digital Learning.


Nikos Mylonopoulos
Nikos Mylonopoulos
Associate professor of information systems at ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece
Eleni Lamprou
Online faculty member at Laureate Online Education and an associate research fellow at ALBA Graduate Business School at the American College of Greece
Marcin Wardaszko
Director of Center for Simulation Games and Gamification, Kozminski University

Chris Dellarocas
Professor of Information Systems and Associate Provost for Digital Learning & Innovation at Boston University

Work Methods

Class sessions will include briefings by experts with significant experience from both education and business world, panel discussions, video conferences, technology demos, as well as group work and discussions where participants will be able to share their own experience and discuss new insights and ideas.

The theoretical part of the seminar will be enhanced by daily workshops and group activities where diverse groups of participants will approach various challenges step by step to deliver a final presentation combining knowledge and skills gained throughout the seminar

In order to fine-tune the seminar to better answer participant needs, a pre-seminar online survey will be available to evaluate where on the digital teaching and learning curve the participants are at their schools, get insights into their personal experience with technology, and identify most relevant topics.


Early bird fee - before 6 September


CEEMAN institutional members

EUR 800

Exchange and individual members EUR 850


EUR 990

After 6 September


CEEMAN institutional members EUR 900

Exchange and individual members

EUR 950


EUR 1100

In some cases, 22% VAT might apply depending on the legal status of the applicant's institution.

The fee is covering all materials, coffee breaks and lunches. Please note that the fee does not include travel or accommodation expenses.

Special scholarships are available for participants from Latin America and Africa.


For more information please contact:

Rok Ramsak
Rok Ramšak Project Manager
+386 4 57 92 532


Suggestions on hotels and good-quality private accommodation in Bled within walking distance from the venue can be provided by CEEMAN office.

For more information please contact:

Rok Ramsak
Rok Ramšak Project Manager
+386 4 57 92 532


Rok Ramsak
Rok Ramšak Project Manager
+386 4 57 92 532