EdTech 2021 - Beyond the Pandemic Emergency



Some say that many of the new digital habits in teaching are here to stay even after effective vaccines and treatments for Covid-19 become widely available. Others surmise that it will be several months or longer until medical advances enable Business Schools to resume their teaching and extracurricular routines. Regardless of these opinions, it is certain that even though students and professors have graciously accepted some more or less half-baked online teaching solutions as an emergency measure, neither group will sustain that degree of patience if the same teaching and learning experience is to continue for months. Therefore, it is urgent that Business Schools and individual instructors raise the level of student engagement, teaching effectiveness, and overall learning experience in online teaching.

EdTech 2020- Beyond the Pandemic Emergency was created with a very specific goal in mind - offering the shortest path to successful synchronous online teaching and helping individual faculty members raise the quality of their online performance while also improving the student experience and learning outcomes by making the most of the capabilities offered by common online tools. With 2020 edition being a great success (you can read about it here), we have decided to hold it again in March 2021.

The next edition of the seminar, which will take place over three sessions spanning three weeks (17, 24, and 31 March 2021), aims to set an example for engagement with a focus on interactivity and co-creation.

EdTech Faculty introducing the content of the seminar and guiding us through the 3 sessions:



The seminar will take place over three sessions spanning three weeks.

SESSION 1: Wed, 17 March 2021 (9:00-12:00 CET)

“Orchestrating a Synchronous Session”
The first session begins with the key insight that it is not the sophistication of technology that makes the difference, but our preparedness to adapt our styles and methods so that we take advantage of the native capabilities of digital tools instead of attempting to replicate our long-standing teaching routines that were honed over thousands of hours of teaching in the amphitheater. The aim of the first session is to open the mind to the possibilities of online delivery by stimulating new thinking around presentation, performance, and the implementation of a multitude of teaching methods.

• Introductions and Icebreaker
• Synchronous online teaching: Assumptions, Scope and Goals of the Seminar
• Solving for Presence, Attention, and Engagement
• Orchestrating a synchronous session
• Revisiting our assumptions and goals for synchronous online teaching
• The challenge for Session 2

SESSION 2: Wed, 24 March 2021 (9:00-12:00 CET)

“Innovating online teaching methods”
The second session aims to set the playground where participants experiment with different approaches, styles, and methods in the process of addressing their own teaching needs and challenges. By sharing experiences and test-driving new approaches, participants will begin crafting their own online personas and ways of conducting their teaching.


• Exploring innovative teaching methods
• Revisiting and augmenting our own teaching
• Adapting and adopting unfamiliar methods
• The challenge for Session 3

SESSION 3: Wed, 31 March 2021 (9:00-12:00 CET)

“Rethinking teaching”
The third session will tackle specific advanced topics that participants will have identified as having particular interest or urgency for them. We will address topics such as assessment, socialization, or asynchronous learning. In a hackathon-like exercise we create collaboration and co-teaching opportunities that will go beyond the course. This session is all about creating a productive outcome for your own development as an instructor. The seminar culminates in a celebration for most inspiring online teaching formats.


• Advanced topics based on participants’ demand
(e.g. asynchronous extensions, pre-recorded video, lab teaching, performative classes, virtual collab classes, creating productive outcomes in executive programmes, project-based collaboration)
• Hackathon-like exercise “Redefining courses, creating value together”
• Awards ceremony for most ambitious synchronous online teaching format


Nikos Mylonopoulos
Nikos Mylonopoulos
Associate Professor of Digital Business at ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece
Nikos Mylonopoulos CV
Omar Luethi 
Co-Founder & CEO at Dual Academy, Switzerland
Omar Luethi CV

Kaja Prystupa-Rządca
Professor at Kozminski University, Poland
Kaja Prystupa-Rządca CV


  • EUR 490 for CEEMAN members
  • EUR 650 for non-members

In some cases, 22% VAT might apply depending on the legal status of the applicant's institution. Payment of participation fee should be settled before the start of the seminar by bank transfer or by credit card (additional credit card charges applied) upon receipt of the pro-forma invoice from CEEMAN.

Possibility of Erasmus+ Grant Suport of 350 eur per person:

It has come to our attention that with the current international travel restrictions due to COVID-19 and most training events going online, Erasmus+ Grant Support for the Mobility of Staff could cover “organizational support” of participation of teaching or administrative staff in online events that are at least 2 days long, in the amount of EUR 350 per person.

Since all CEEMAN online events are hosted by IEDC-Bled School of Management, which is part of Erasmus Mobility program, such funding can be applied for participation of teachers and administrative staff of institutions from eligible countries

More information on the staff training mobility is available here and more on organizational support on page 60 of the Erasmus+ Program Guide. Please contact Erasmus Mobility office at your institution or country for more details. From our side, Mr. Rok Ramšak (rok.ramsak@iedc.si, tel +386 457 92 532) will be happy to help with necessary mobility-related documentation.

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EdTech 2021 will take place online. A week before the seminar, participants will receive instructions and access to MiTeam, an award-winning learning and collaboration platform. We will be co-creating a community of participants before and after the seminar, providing even more possibilities for networking and experience sharing. You can find a brief description of the platform here.


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