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Leading the Way in Management Development

Gdansk, Poland
This strategic retreat, designed by a group of experienced presidents and deans from CEEMAN member institutions, is intended to help top leadership teams of management schools (deans or directors attending with their top team members) to stress-test and fine-tune their strategies and plans.

Who should attend?

Deans/directors with 3-5 members of their core management team e.g. associate deans/vice-presidents for academic affairs, research, or major programs, CFOs, heads of administration, etc.


Leading the Way is a three-day strategic retreat with a follow-up Skype session three months later.

  • Each participating team should submit, at least one month ahead of the workshop, a 3-5 page overview of their operating environment/markets; their mission, vision and strategy; and their perceived key challenges. Guidelines for these submissions will be distributed by the faculty well in advance of the workshop. Each team should also review the internet sites of other participating teams and be ready to make comments.
  • A progressive series of Masterclasses (12 in all) by highly experienced faculty coaches act as "stress tests" to provoke rethinking, refinement, elaboration, or in some cases, complete redrafting of these original submissions.
  • The three days wind up with a final Masterclass dedicated to define and then implement 2-3 high-priority "strategic change initiatives", the focus of the "homework" which will precede a half-day Skype session for all teams three months after the workshop itself.

Why attend?

Teams should expect the following main "take-homes":

  • revised perception of the main challenges ahead as well as a thorough rework of strategies and plans to deal with these.
  • shared understanding and commitment by the whole team to tackle these issues and implement the needed changes.
  • Very substantial and lasting individual and team learning about the leadership challenges confronting all management development institutions worldwide, and how to think about them and deal with them given the particularities of one’s own institution.

To register for the workshop, please send completed registration form to CEEMAN Project Manager Živa Žmavc Thongvanh at More info on the workshop can be found here.

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