Statement of CEEMAN on war in Ukraine

CEEMAN condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and it expresses its solidarity with the courageous Ukrainian people. Our thoughts are with them and we are ready to help through our organisation and our member schools.

CEEMAN was established in politically conflicting period 30 years ago, and our members, coming primarily from CEE, were building bridges between nations that were not in friendly relations. We were all together supporting economic reforms in our countries, supporting also each other in our efforts to grow, and become a great family! Russian Deans and Directors were active members of this family.

However, in Spring of 2022, witnessing the atrocities of war, we decided at our Board meeting on 8 March to interrupt all our activities in Russia until further notice.

At the same meeting, the Board agreed to rapidly accelerate CEEMAN efforts, and spread to its members, a conception of management and leadership education that goes far beyond managerial and leadership competences per se, and has the aim to develop these holistic qualities needed to make a difference in the world. This not only concerns the promotion of ethical, responsible, and sustainable business,  but the wider responsibilities of both business and government leadership worldwide to work together at all levels to assure the peace that sustainable growth and prosperity require.

We want the war in Ukraine to stop immediately.

On behalf of CEEMAN Board,

Danica Purg

CEEMAN President


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