CEEMAN IQA Mission, Vision and Objectives


CEEMAN IQA aims to enhance management education through a unique accreditation process which emphasizes high quality standards, the relevance of an institution’s activities in responding to meeting the development needs of its customers and markets, and the imperative of change and innovation. All three are considered essential criteria for accreditation in meeting the development demands of the rapidly changing world of executive practice.


CEEMAN IQA aspires to be THE preferred and recognized accreditation standard for management education institutions in recently emerged and emerging economies around the world.

CEEMAN IQA Objectives

  • To see accreditation as testimony of an institution’s capacities to reinvent itself through continuous self-improvement, innovation, and change.
  • To contribute to setting and promoting internationally recognized quality standards, while also coupling these with an additional quality requirement: responsiveness and relevance to the development needs of companies and students/participants in the specific environments where the accredited institution operates.
  • To encourage and multiply international contacts among academics in the field of management education and research, and stimulate close and regular productive relationships between institutions and their business partners with the objective of better understanding business development needs and engagement in relevant practice-based research.
  • To foster processes of continuous improvement in all aspects of institutional activity and to encourage creativity and innovation in both the content of management education and the processes by which it is delivered.
  • To assure that proper attention is paid not only to the managerial substance of management education but also to the broader questions of social, ethical, and environmental responsibility which business activity entails.