CEEMAN IQA Process and Documents

CEEMAN IQA has a six-stage accreditation procedure.

Eligibility criteria:

1. CEEMAN membership.
2. An institution whose primary mission is management or business education. Management faculties or departments that are embedded in schools of economics or in technical universities may be accredited but not the larger non-management institutions that contain them.
3. A minimum of five years of operation.
4. A minimum of three graduating cohorts in each of its major groups of program offerings.

CEEMAN IQA accreditation status is granted for an initial period of six years after which the institution could apply for re-accreditation. 


For initial accreditation, the fee of 12.850 eur is charged as follows:
  • 6.000 eur upon confirming eligibility
  • 6.850 eur upon submitting the SAR 
For re-accreditation, the fee of 10.350 eur is charged as follows:
  • 5.000 eur upon confirming eligibility
  • 5.350 eur upon submitting the SAR
The expenses for in-person site visit and other related costs (transportation, accommodation, meals, and ancillary expenses of peer review members) will be paid by the institution.

For more information regarding the CEEMAN accreditation procedure please see the documents below. For additional info, including instructions on online site visit, contact the Head of IQA Office Slađana Milašinović at sladjana.milasinovic@ceeman.org.

The most important CEEMAN IQA documents: 

1. CEEMAN IQA framework and standards

CEEMAN IQA brochure (updated 2021)

2. CEEMAN IQA procedure

Guidelines for initial accreditation procedure (updated 2021)

Guidelines for re-accreditation procedure (updated 2021)

3. CEEMAN IQA application and eligibility forms

CEEMAN IQA application form (updated 2021)

CEEMAN IQA re-accreditation application form (updated 2021)

CEEMAN IQA eligibility application form (updated 2021)

4. CEEMAN IQA self assessment report

CEEMAN IQA self assessment report instructions (updated 2021)