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Call for abstracts and participation: 21st Conference on Technology, Culture and Development
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  • Technology and entrepreneurship for sustainable development
  • Knowledge based society: entrepreneurship in higher education and research system

Abstract submission/participation registration deadline: 31 July 2014

Introductory presentations will be delivered by:

  • Ana Pasikan, Ivan Ivic (Belgrade): Developing entrepreneurship in educational context.
  • Branko Kovacevic (Belgrade): Key determinants of successes and failures in developing entrepreneurship an University of Belgrade.
  • Drago Pupavac (Rijeka): Education - light industry or panacea coffin of South-East Europe states.
  • Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic (New York): Philosophy and results of entrepreneurship at Columbia University - lessons which can be learned.
  • Ichak Adizes (Santa Barbara): Managing obstacles to development of a new entrepreneurship.
  • Milenko Gudic (Bled): Management education and social entrepreneurship.
  • Ratko Zelenika et al (Rijeka): On models of long term sustainable development of creative industries in countries in transition.
  • Srdjan Stankovic (Belgrade): Ambiguities and conflicts of plausible consequences of entrepreneurship in higher education institutions in Serbia.
  • Vlastimir Matejic (Belgrade): The influence of transitional context on entrepreneurship in higher education and research institutions - the case of Serbia and some generalizations of findings.

Organizers: Association "Technology and Society" , Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Podgorica), Science and Technology Policy Research, Center - Mihajlo Pupin Institute (Belgrade), Faculty of Economics (Subotica), City of Subotica.

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Contact: Dr. Dušica Semencenko,