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Call for papers - Sustainability, Special Issue "Sustainability Development: Challenges and Opportunities in Dynamic Times", JCR, Impact Factor: 3.251, Gerard J. Lewis, Andrzej Raszkowski, Ralph Sonntag (Eds.)
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Keywords: sustainable development, innovations, smart cities, digitalization, creative industries, social inequalities, foreign direct investment, investment attractiveness, pandemic, COVID-19, economic crisis, demographic change.

Dear Colleagues, I encourage you to contribute research or a comprehensive review article for consideration for publication in "Sustainability", an international Open Access journal that provides an advanced forum for research findings in areas related to sustainability and sustainable development. The journal publishes original research articles, reviews, conference proceedings (peer-reviewed full articles) and communications.

I am confident you will find the journal contributes to enhancing understanding of sustainability and fostering initiatives and applications of sustainability-based measures and activities.

Affiliations of Wroclaw University of Economics and Business and University of Applied Sciences Dresden.

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Sustainability Development: Challenges and Opportunities in Dynamic Times