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Call for papers: 5th Workshop on Asian Management and Entrepreneurship
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The 5th Workshop on Asian Management and Entrepreneurship is a forum for international scholars to gather and discuss and develop conceptual and empirical research on management in Asia. The event will take place in Shanghai, China, on June 1-2, 2015. 
Participants will submit abstracts/papers with an Asian perspective. Previous workshops had a strong strand of China- themed research but benefited greatly from contributions examining Japan, India and SE Asia.

Papers that engage with debates about the challenges to traditional theory and practice presented by the economic, political and social trajectories of Asia are encouraged, along with empirical papers that document the nature of business in Asia. Papers that examine the relationship between the private sector and the state, society and consumers are particularly encouraged.

Key Themes:

The vision is for Workshop participants to promote high-quality academic work that contributes to the development of knowledge in the fields of strategic management and entrepreneurship.  Submissions to previous workshops have clustered around three key themes:

  • Documenting Asian Management and Entrepreneurship:  Empirical papers documenting the nature of Asian Management and Entrepreneurial practice, including organizational issues, stakeholder relationships, governance and ethics. Findings from this theme should provide insights relevant for the second theme.
  • Essentialist Asian Management Theories?   Papers   exploring   the   appropriateness of   general (Western) theory versus theories specifically grounded in distinctly Asian sociologies, philosophies and religions for explaining management and entrepreneurship in Asia. We welcome contributions that rest on thought-provoking essentialist assumptions. 
  • Lessons for the Other: Papers providing observations and theorising grounded in Asian management and entrepreneurship theory and practice to suggest  policy  and  practice guidelines  for  European practice and European business engagement with Asia

Those who are interested in presenting a paper should submit a 2 page abstract or even better a full paper by March 31

To be acceptable, proposals MUST only be submitted through the following website:

Please click here to submit.