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Call for Papers to a Special Issue of Futures (SSCI 1.918) on "Futures of management theory"
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Call for papers to a special issue of Futures on “Futures of management theory”.

Guest Editors

Steffen Roth, La Rochelle Business School and Yerevan State University
Augusto Sales, KPMG Global Strategy Group Rio de Janeiro
Miguel Pérez-Valls, University of Alméria
Jari Kaivo-oja, University of Turku

This Special Issue welcomes manuscripts that address the subsequent, non-exclusive list of questions:

  • (How) Can recent or possible future developments in organisational design inform the organisational design of management theories?
  • Who, or what, will be the next management gurus? Will brands, avatars, bots, or algorithms be the future of management theory?
  • Theories as programmes? What programmes and programming languages will shape the futures of management theory?
  • What are the prospects and where are the places of traditional, “old-European” concepts such as action, values, or causality in the management theories of the future?
  • What observational options and types of variables are systematically underexposed in management theory?
  • What methods or tools are useful to test for the adequacy of, often only implicit, social theoretical foundations of management theories, which include social macro trend assumptions, images of society, and the corresponding grand theories? 

Deadline: September 15, 2018.
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