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Call for poster session contributions at the 26th CEEMAN Annual Conference
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My Solution to Excellence & Relevance in Management Education

A Poster Session by Faculty to Faculty

Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 17:00 – 19:00
Prague, Czech Republic

We invite faculty members and researchers to showcase their work at a poster session related to the overall theme of the 26th CEEMAN Annual Conference: “Redefining Management Education: Excellence and Relevance”, taking place on 19-21 September 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The aims of the poster session are:

(a) to raise the visibility of new, emerging or proven, successful pedagogical innovations of faculty members at CEEMAN member and partner institutions

(b) to promote the exchange of new research findings and tools

(c) to foster networking among faculty members and researchers

(d) to create a new platform for publishing and disseminating research findings, teaching materials and solutions

CEEMAN poster session

We encourage you to submit your proposal for a poster presentation in one or several of the following subtracks:

  1. Your teaching case study, which you have developed yourself and already use in your teaching practice;
  2. Your research work, which may be a fundamental or an applied research project, or maybe your concrete, new research findings and but also has a clear reference to its application in management/business teaching;
  3. Your teaching tool & technique, which you have developed or adopted with success on your course/program
  4. Your other experience, which you would like to present, and has – like all the above - a relevance to the conference theme.

The potential contributors need to:

1. Submit their poster presentation description abstract by September 1, 2018 to Prof. Zoltan Buzady, Your submission should indicate the sub-track of your 

poster, what is your poster presentation topic, what aspects you plan to present and how it relates to the conference theme. All submissions will be reviewed by a selection board for possible inclusion in the conference poster session. 

2. Prepare and bring one paper poster or any other brief visual presentation (sized A1) about their pedagogical/research work, which will remain posted throughout the conference.

3. Present their ideas and proposal in an open session to other participants of the conference in about 10 mins on September 19, 2018 (exact schedule to 

CEEMAN poster session

be provided closer to the conference).

4. Submit for publication a high-quality photo of their poster work and a final write up of their presentation (max two A4 pages; by October 14, 2018).

We recommend that each poster should include the following element:

  • A clear statement informing by-walkers on ‘What is this poster about?’
  • An outline of the related topics or elements
  • A recommendation where and how the proposal object can be used in teaching/management education
  • Your name, affiliation and contact

Please note that many tips and tricks on preparing a poster presentation are on the internet.  

Conditions of participation:

The cost of participation in the poster session only (without attending the conference) is EUR 150. All poster presenters are entitled to a 10% discount for attending the 26th CEEMAN Annual Conference participation (covers attendance of all conference events, conference materials, coffee breaks, lunches and dinners, transportation between the venues as specified in the conference program). The fee does NOT cover travel, airport shuttle, accommodation, participation of accompanying persons, or sightseeing tour.

For more information about the conference, logistics and conditions, please visit: