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Calls for research proposals with Network for Business Sustainability South Africa
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The Network for Business Sustainability South Africa (NBS-SA), an affiliate of the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS), is pleased to invite proposals for two research studies to be completed in 2015. These projects are valued at 280,000 ZAR or ~ $25,000 each and are aimed at engaged scholars seeking to influence sustainability management practice through rigorous and action-oriented research, in the South African context.

The two research questions are:

1) How are innovative business models creating shared value? (see details here) and

2) Why do some CEOs make the shift toward incorporating sustainability into strategy (and what holds others back)? (see details here).

Proposals are invited on or before January 7, 2015.   

These projects were identified in NBS-SA’s recent annual Leadership Council meeting, attended by senior representatives of South Africa’s most prominent businesses.  NBS-SA works with the Leadership Council to prioritise the most pressing sustainability challenges facing the country, and with scholars to translate these challenges into opportunities for research.  The synthesis of this effort is reflected in our recently completed Pathways to Change report, available here. 

We believe that these challenges also represent critical and timely opportunities for researchers to contribute to their resolution through dedicated research and guidance to managers.  We offer the 2014 Challenges and Opportunities Report as an input to an increasingly global and instructive conversation between researchers and practitioners, and an invitation to you to join.  For more information about NBS news and resources and to become part of the network, please visit our website 

Should you have any questions or comments about the Calls for Proposals or Challenges and Opportunities report, please feel free to contact Kristy Faccer, Knowledge Director NBS-SA at