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EURAM 2015 Conference: Uncertainty is a great opportunity
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Contemporary management theory and practice do not adequately address the phenomenon of uncertainty, which has come to characterise our daily lives. The EURAM 2015 conference will explore this this concept in an  opportunity-seeking framework. Uncertainty can be both a threat and an opportunity for organisations. The positive response to the challenge of opportunity is the most constructive stand that we can take, and one that also may equip us best to deal with further challenges that the future may bring.

We will endeavour to respond to the following questions: How and in which ways do the drivers of uncertainty change? What resources do organisations need to develop in order to capture the changes that uncertainty may bring? Which organisational forms and configurations respond better to the challenges of uncertainty? What concept of leadership is most suited to steer organisations through the waves of unexpected and unpredictable storms? How can we better educate people to make them more competent individuals who are confident with  uncertainty? How should organisations manage their boundaries in order to be able to absorb changes that uncertainty causes? Are the concepts that we already seem to know well such as innovation, knowledge, intellectual capital, leadership, responsibility, sustainability, diversity assuming new meanings at the time of uncertainty?

Important deadlines

Submission of Topics/Symposia/DWG Proposals 15 July 2014
Announcement of the call for papers   23 September 2014
Deadline for paper submission     13 January 2015 (2 pm Belgian time)
Notification of acceptance as of   17 March 2015
Early bird registration 09 April 2015
Author registration   21 April 2015
Doctoral Colloquium (15-16 June 2015)  
Deadline for submission to PhD Colloquium    27 January 2015 (2 pm Belgian time)
Notification of acceptance as of 15 March 2015
Participants registration    09 April 2015

Host institution – Kozminski University

Kozminski University, founded in 1993, is a non-public institution of higher education with full academic rights. The university has obtained Polish and international accreditations, as well as excellent results in global and national educational rankings which shows the high quality of its programmes and services. The university’s offer includes various bachelor, master, MBA as well as Ph.D. programmes. All of these are also offered in English. 

Information about EURAM

The European Academy of Management (EURAM) is a professional community of engaged management scholars and reflective practitioners - open, inclusive, international and cross- cultural. EURAM places a strong emphasis on multidisciplinary theoretical perspectives and methodological pluralism, and promotes critical examinations of the historical and philosophical roots of management theory and praxis.
EURAM aims to enhance the quality of research, improve its relevance for responsible and effective practice and contribute to the social and political discourse on management. EURAM is recognized as the academic association of management in Europe, becoming a reference for management scholars. In 2013 EURAM had more than 1,800 members. Every year the EURAM annual conference takes place at varying locations throughout Europe between May and June. The Doctoral Colloquium and the Preconference of the Strategic Interest Groups (SIG), precedes each conference.
The EURAM Conference has been held in Valencia (Spain), Istanbul (Turkey), Rotterdam (Holland), Tallinn (Estonia), Rome (Italy), Liverpool (UK), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Paris (France), Oslo (Norway), Munich (Germany), St Andrews (Scotland), Milan, (Italy), Stockholm (Sweden), Barcelona (Spain).


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