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REME Journal – call for papers!
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The editorial board of Research on Enterprise in Modern Economy – theory and practice (REME) invite the submission of original theoretical and empirical articles in the areas of economics, management, and entrepreneurship, including adjustments caused by COVID-19. Young researchers and scientists who would like to be editors are welcomed!

The functioning of enterprises in a changing, uncertain environment is one of the most interesting research trends. Enterprises need to be flexible and react to external factors, adjusting appropriate activities within the organization. It is particularly visible in periods of crisis, for example, the one caused by COVID 19. Actions undertaken by organizations may concern various areas, including management, finance, marketing as well as accounting. The impact of the micro-and macroeconomic environment on the activities of enterprises, including legal regulations and various types of institutions, is also important.

 Submit your paper

We invite you to submit your paper for publication in the REME journal. We await publications of a theoretical and empirical nature, which may be an important contribution to the development of literature on a specific topic.

We accept articles in a continuous system, we do not charge any fees and we operate in the open access system. We address the following invitation particularly to young researchers and we are looking for scientists who would like to be special issue editors.

Articles should be submitted in English via the website   or by the e-mail .

Become an editor

If you are interested in becoming a special issue editor, please kindly propose a special issue title, research areas, and a deadline for submitting articles.

For special issues editor, please provide your submission by the e-mail

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