Reflections on 25 Years of Business Ethics in Poland by Prof. Gasparski
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We are glad to publish an article of reflections on 25 years of business ethics in Poland by Prof. Wojciech W.Gasparski. Prof. Gasparski is an Honorary Director of the Business Ethics and Social Innovation Centre at Koźmiński University and a CEEMAN Chamipon Winner of 2014.

The text reports on twenty-five years of business ethics in Poland. It outlines some of the plans and implementations of projects and activities aimed at increasing the business community’s belief in the importance of responsible business operations. There have been many successes in education, including responsible training of managers. Recognition should also be given to the genuine commitment of a sizable group of enthusiasts to making business ethics an academic discipline providing cognitive foundations for the practical dimension of ethics in different kinds of business pursued by numerous companies, organizations and the institutions supporting them. The author also draws attention to threats and points to challenges connected with new technologies: the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence. All this makes business ethics extremely important, and means that business ethicists are guaranteed to be busy for years to come.

Keywords: business ethics, ethical infrastructure in organizations, responsible management education, philosophy, phishing, praxiology, artificial intelligence, trust.

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