25th Anniversary of CEEMAN

Twenty- five years ago, on the initiative of Danica Purg, a small group of deans and directors of the first management schools in Central and Eastern Europe established CEEMAN to accelerate management development in our region and set quality standards.

Since then, CEEMAN has become one of the leading associations of management schools in countries in transition and a leading platform for discussion on responsible leadership development.

The importance of this network has been growing, particularly since CEEMAN formulated, and started consistently implementing, its value platform. It celebrates diversity and culture, fosters creativity, innovation, and a holistic approach to management education, and promotes and rewards positive transformation. Based on this rather unique platform, CEEMAN has made important breakthroughs in practically all fields of its work, including:

  • Faculty development
  • Educational materials development
  • Strengthening of business schools’ leadership capabilities
  • Development of operational excellence at business schools
  • Setting quality standards through IQA accreditation
  • Development of international research and publishing
  • Stimulation of international collaboration and networking
  • Striving for responsible management education

CEEMAN expresses thanks to all members for their trust, support, and contribution to the positioning of our organization among major global management development associations, whose value platform, creativity, and innovation are widely appreciated and recognized. The 25th Anniversary of CEEMAN will also be an occasion to set directions for the future.