Welcome to #myCEEMANstory!

Since its establishment almost 3 decades ago, CEEMAN has become one of the leading associations of management schools in countries in transition and a leading platform for discussion on responsible leadership development. It celebrates diversity and culture, fosters creativity, innovation, and a holistic approach to management education, and promotes and rewards positive transformation. The importance of this network has been growing, but none of it would be possible without the amazing people that have been creating the amazing stories throughout CEEMAN history.

#myCEEMANstory is devoted to all those stories as we are convinced there are many to tell! We are kindly inviting you to explore the videos below and to think of your CEEMAN story, whether it be an event you attended, a program you completed, the people you met, projects you created or the career advancements you have achieved. For more information on how to share your story, contact Slađana Milašinović at sladjana.milasinovic@ceeman.org. Enjoy the stories!