Flagship Initiatives

International Management Teachers Academy

IMTA - International Management Teachers Academy provides a high-quality two-week program for junior faculty in the field of management. So far more than 550 participants from 45 countries from all over the world have attended this major faculty development program. The IMTA Alumni Association offers a platform for mutual communication and cooperation among IMTA alumni and their respective institutions, and a mechanism through which CEEMAN provides continuous support to their professional growth and the development of their institutions. IMTA is also offering modules on case writing and research and publishing for faculty. More about IMTA

Program Management Seminar

The Program Management Seminar is intended for program managers and program coordinators engaged in various aspects of program management functions at business schools and other management development institutions. It covers three basic conceptual frameworks: positioning the program management function into the overall functioning of business schools; standards and procedures for effective program management and operational excellence; and program management as a professional career. More about PMS

CEEMAN Annual Conferences  

CEEMAN Annual Conference is the central event of the association, held each year in a different country in cooperation with a local member institution. Annual Conferences are organized around topics of particular relevance to management and leadership development in dynamically changing environments. Each conference features a high-profile keynote speaker, including in the past: Charles Handy, David Maister, Nancy Adler, Ichak Adizes and others. More about CEEMAN Annual Conferences  

International Quality Accreditation

CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation (IQA) is recognized globally as a high-quality and trustworthy institutional accreditation in the field of management education. In 2016 CEEMAN introduced a new accreditation platform where CEEMAN IQA standards directly reflect CEEMAN's main intentions which are to encourage its members firstly to aspire to internationally recognized quality standards and secondly to create and deliver management education that is relevant to the needs of their respective environments. With this direction, CEEMAN IQA has become an agent of change which promotes excellent and relevant management education and creates a unique international community of management education institutions which aspire to continuous progress and relevance. More about IQA