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2022 EFMD Executive Development Conference

Coventry, UK
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The Executive Development Conference is a unique forum to foster discussion and connection between corporate and business school professionals. This conference will first focus on the changing psychological contract and how organisations respond to these evolutions along with multiple shifts in organisations due to the digital first trend.
This year, EFMD's Executive Development Conference revolves around the themes of exploring new mindsets and charting new frontiers in executive education while keeping people at the centre of our focus. How do digital first strategies affect people and organisations?

Therefore, the conceptual framework of the conference follows a trilogy:

DAY 1: Taking stock of the people in organisations and how they are doing globally, focusing on the psychological contract. What is the meaning of the “great resignation”, and how do younger generations view business? The 2022 Excellence in Practice (EiP) award winners will share their presentations.

DAY 2: Examing the response of businesses to evolving organisational capabilities, both potential and intent, with specific examples from the automotive industry and the health sector. How have expectations shifted, and what is the importance of purpose? The afternoon will focus on in-depth discussions with the EiP winners about the successes and difficulties of their partnerships.

DAY 3: Putting all of the pieces together. The way of working has changed in the last months, and has impacted people’s and organisations’ strategy and purpose. How does this affect our contribution as executive development providers?

The conference will take place on 4-6 October at Warwick Business School in the UK. Please contact Delphine Haupsy ( with any questions. 
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