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SymOrg 2024 - Unlocking the Hidden Potentials of Organization Through Merging of Humans and Digitals

Zlatibor, Serbia
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The SymOrg conference fosters knowledge exchange across disciplines and between academia and industry. It offers scientific sessions, panel discussions, and diverse themes such as software engineering, blockchain, and AI. The SymOrg 2024 will take place from June 12th to 15th at Zlatibor and the "Ratko Mitrović" resort.

The International Symposium of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, SymOrg, was founded in 1989. SymOrg encourages the transfer of knowledge between academic disciplines and between academia and industry. This symposium is conceived as a platform for knowledge innovation and empirical research convening representatives from both the scientific and professional communities to delve into the details of theory and practice.

SymOrg 2024 is structured to foster meaningful interactions, featuring scientific sessions, professional panel discussions, and brainstorming circles for discussions. The presence of esteemed guests, selected based on their high references, will be instrumental in facilitating insightful dialogues.

The key topics of the Symposium allow for the exploration of different aspects of these areas such as Аpplied Software Engineering, Blockchain Technology in Business and Information Systems, Challenges of Green and Digital Transformation Creativity, Innovation and Sustainable Management, Data and Business Analytics, Designing Organizations for Digitally Transformed Business Ecosystems, Digital Operations and Logistics Management, E-Business Ecosystems and Technologies, Financial Innovations and Challenges in Changing Business Environment, Integrated Humans and Digitals in Marketing and Communications, Lean Management and Organization – Purpose, Process, People, Managing Human Resources in Digital Age, Organizational Strategy and Hybrid Project Management, Quality Management and Standardization, Transformational Potential of Generative AI.

SymOrg 2024, three-day conference of management and IT organized by the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, will be held from June 12th to June 15th at Zlatibor and the mountain resort "Ratko Mitrović".

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