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The 365 Timing Economic Congress

Wroclaw, Poland
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The 365 Timing Economic Congress event is a meeting of representatives of communities in the self-government-enterprise-science triangle, organized jointly by the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business and the Lower Silesian Development Fund, as part of a strategic partnership with the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

365 Timing Economic Congress is the concept of holistic approach to time-related issues in social and economic processes, factoring in the needs of a person, but also that of the society and the state. The ever-present economization and financialisation in economic processes are not sufficient by themselves, as the role of proper location and time becomes key for realization of goals.

The event organized jointly by the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business and the Lower Silesian Development Fund is a great opportunity to consider the direction in which our economy and economies of our region as well as Europe and the World are heading.

This year we will be discussing energy security, european green deal and technology as a key factor in knowledge-based development. New fields of economy, increasing innovativeness, traditional sectors supported by new sectors we cannot even forecast these days. Development of the Internet. Environmental and social challenges. How does technological progress change societies? Are companies prepared for the changes resulting from the European Green Deal? Do companies intend to participate in the transformation of the European economy?

Interesting formula of the conference adopted for the first edition of the Congress – the idea to invite representatives of various environments, including science, business, business-related environment, local government administration and the media to participate in the discussion – definitely worked.

Deadline for registration: 16.05.2022

You can find more information at:  365 Timing Economic Congress

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