"Three Worlds" Science Festival: real world, virtual world, narrated world
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Częstochowa University of Technology hosted the Three Worlds Science Festival on 24-25 November 2022 with the title "Social and ecological problems of the modern world". Discussion panels, workshops and meetings with employers were organized during the Science Festival. There was also a competition for the best film or advertising poster addressed to pupils and students from all over Poland. The strategic partner of the Festival was the Sector Council for Competences of the Marketing Communication Sector.

"Three Worlds" Science Festival - the real world, the virtual world, the narrated world - events:

a)      Discussion panels. The real world, which is "from colonization to late postmodernism", the virtual world, which is "from Plato's cave to metaversum", the told world, which is "from Paleolithic paintings to the post-truth era". Publications in the Scientific Journals of the Częstochowa University of Technology , Management.

b)      A nationwide competition for pupils and students for the best film or advertising poster on social topics "Social and ecological problems of the modern world". Patron: Sector Council for Competences of the Marketing Communication Sector. Applications via the form available on the website. Objectives:

- Sensitizing young people - pupils and students to contemporary social and ecological problems and engaging them in independent creation of messages to draw the attention of the environment to these issues.

- Pointing out that marketing management in today's turbulent environment has gained a new meaning, and its important element is to include social responsibility in company policies.

- Draw attention to the issues of social needs, respect for ecology and care for the quality of life of future generations through the prism of advertising.

Social Advertising Festival, Faculty of Management, Czestochowa University of Technology

COMPETITION IN NUMBERS. 435 works were correctly submitted to the competition, including: 400 posters and 35 films. 483 pupils and students took part in the competition, including: 390 as main authors submitting works, 93 as co-authors of works. 467 high school students and 16 college students. 52 schools and universities from 47 cities, including: 48 secondary schools and 4 universities. Secondary school students were supported by 71 teachers.

a)      A cooperation agreement was signed between the Faculty of Management and the Sectoral Council for Competences of the Marketing Communication Sector. Signatories: Dean of the Faculty of Management dr hab. Iwona Otola, Prof. PCz and Marcin Olkowicz Chairman and Animator for the Activities of the Sectoral Council

b)      Workshops: Strategies for finding employment and career management in the marketing communication sector, Change - how to build communication to be able to require commitment from recipients, Effectiveness of social and low-budget campaigns - how to deal with a small budget.

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