19th edition of CEEMAN's Program Management Seminar Successfully Concluded
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This week, a diverse group of participants from 11 institutions and 7 countries successfully participated in the 19th edition of Program Management Seminar in Bled.

Program Management Seminar is one of CEEMAN’s signature programs since 2005, and it is known for an intensive and highly interactive three-day experience, designed to make program and project managers working at universities and business schools more effective at handling their increasingly demanding and complex responsibilities. Class sessions included briefings by experts, group discussions, case analyses, as well as lots of experience sharing among the participants.

The Program Management Seminar was taught by a high-profile team of experienced business leaders, education practitioners and market experts:

  • Paul Matthyssens, Professor of Global Business and Global Marketing at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy, and Emeritus Professor at the University of Antwerp and Antwerp Management School, Belgium
  • Danica Purg, President of CEEMAN and IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia
  • Andrew Crisp, Founder of CarringtonCrisp, UK
  • Nenad Filipović, Director of Executive Education, IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia
  • Aleksander Zalaznik, General Manager of Danfoss Trata and Vice President of the Danfoss division, Slovenia
  • Vanja Vrečič, Head of Rewards and HR systems in Petrol d.d., Slovenia
  • Miha Lavtar, Founder and CEO at Optiweb web agency, Slovenia
  • Drikus Kriek, Dean, IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia.

After the welcome by CEEMAN President Danica Purg, the participants immediately dove deep into work with Academic Director Paul Matthyssens. The participants were tasked with identifying the key professional and personal traits of program managers, exchanged ideas and experiences on day-to-day challenges of program design and delivery, the importance of an organization’s mission and vision and making an impact outside of their institutions. Paul also talked about future-proof program management and delivering customer service for a diversity of programs. Prof. Nenad Filipović of IEDC-Bled School of Management presented his views on the role of the program manager together with the challenges lying ahead for this profession as well as and in the context of a school’s entire team that develops and delivers executive education. Along him, Aleksander Zalaznik, General manager of Danfoss Trata and Vanja Vrečič, Head of Rewards and HR Systems at Petrol, d.d. talked about their testimonials in program management, Aleksander as a manager and Vanja as a MBA student, working in HR.

The second day began with marketing expert Andrew Crisp on the topic of building an international reputation through marketing and communications. He stressed the importance of effective branding, and how schools can stand out from the crowd in the age of market saturation. The morning concluded with a presentation and discussion of how business schools can build international reputation and engagement. Andrew’s lecture was followed by Miha Lavtar, a Founder and CEO of Optiweb, who shared his experience working in digital marketing and leading a team in a growing digital marketing company.

Following an important Program Management Seminar tradition, the participants then embarked on a journey across Lake Bled to enjoy the unique atmosphere on its island and signature Slovenian pastry. Upon their return, Prof. Drikus Kriek awaited this year’s cohort with an engaging problem-solving and team building exercise, followed by an analysis and discussion of team work, group roles and what it takes to make teams successful.

To conclude the day, CEEMAN prepared a lovely culinary surprise: a visit to Špica restaurant, a culinary gem, right here in Bled. Our participants were treated to a delicious, locally sourced dinner and a cosy environment with a wooden boat in the middle of the restaurant that showcased a rich history of rowing champion and restaurant owner, Jani Klemenčič.

On the third and final day, CEEMAN President Danica Purg engaged participants in a thought-provoking debate over real-life ethical dilemmas and provided them with a range of practical insights on program management and challenges inherent to the profession. Finally, the Program Management Seminar ended with a graduation ceremony, champagne and famous Bled cake, ‘kremšnita’, as well as heartfelt farewells to the participants who made this year’s Program Management Seminar a one-of-a-kind experience.

With this year’s Program Management Seminar successfully concluded, the CEEMAN team is already looking forward to the next program they are organizing. With preparations for IMTA (International Management Teachers Academy) in full swing, you are cordially invited to take this opportunity and take your pedagogical skills to a new level!

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