A place for parents with children has been created at FME!
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The feeding point is another initiative of the FME aimed at facilitating working or studying parents in balancing their academic responsibilities with family duties. It is a dedicated space where parents can comfortably feed their children in private.

On June 1, 2023, the Feeding Point at the Faculty of Management and Economics was officially opened by Dean Małgorzata Gawrycka and Chancellor Anna Gerlach.

The Feeding Point is located on the first floor of the Faculty of Management and Economics. The building is accessible with a ramp and an elevator, ensuring easy access to the facility. Restrooms are also located in close proximity to the Feeding Point.

The facility has an area of approximately 8m2 and serves as a communal social space. It is equipped with a changing table, a microwave, a comfortable chair, and toys for children. The Feeding Point is open during the building's operating hours. The renovation and adaptation of the Feeding Point were carried out entirely by the employees of Gdańsk University of Technology. This initiative undoubtedly contributes to creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment at the university.

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