A warm welcome to Lodz University of Technology
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We are happy to welcome a new institutional member to CEEMAN community. Lodz University of Technology (TUL), established 75 years ago, is the only university of technology in the region and one of the best universities in Poland.

It is the 5th best university among 23 universities of technology and the 3rd most innovative university among all universities in the national Perspektywy 2019 ranking. It is 6th most frequently selected university in Poland according to Ministry of Higher Education and Science report. TUL is actively engaged in national and international projects. Research and education are conducted in close cooperation with the socio-economic environment. The cutting-edge technologies developed at TUL are further implemented in the industry.

TUL plays an important role in the development of the society, therefore it not only keeps up with the global progress, but also creates world-class innovations in many fields of science. These innovations result from the work of interdisciplinary teams, grouping TUL academic staff and partners from foreign universities. TUL is also an important and valued partner of the City of Lodz. It supports its development, which focuses on modern technologies, electrical engineering industry, business services sector (BPO and IT) and creative industries.

TUL also sets trends in the field of education. Its offer includes not only programmes typical for universities, but also innovative programmes aimed at the needs of the regional economy as well as programmes run in foreign languages. Modern teaching methods such as  Problem Based Learning (PBL), Design Thinking (DT), or Flipped Education are actively implemented. The flipped education model is implemented in cooperation with foreign lecturers (specialists from the best European, Australian  and American universities, including Harvard University, Olin College and Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The Faculty of Management and Production Engineering (MPE) was established in 1991. Currently, the Faculty educates almost 2000 students and employs 113 people, 75% of whom are academic staff. The mission of the Faculty is to promote freedom, professionalism, creativity and partnership in research and education in the field of management as well as to foster cooperation between students, academics, and business. The Faculty intends to maintain its status among leading faculties of management in Poland, but also strives to improve its ranking position in Europe and worldwide.

MPE works towards ensuring the highest standards in science by defining and developing priority research areas in line with the latest global trends in management and by attracting and recruiting the best qualified academic staff. Two priority research areas are particularly recognized in the world. The first one is strategic management of companies in Industry 4.0 with special focus on high-tech industries. The second one refers to pensions and intergeneration relations analysed on macro and micro scales, taking economic, financial and managerial perspectives into account. Studies in these two areas are carried out by international research teams coordinated by the Faculty. The research projects launched by the Faculty include those financed by the National Science Centre and the National Centre for Research and Development. The research results are broadly disseminated, which contributes to the development of both science and society. The Faculty is acknowledged not only for its scientific achievements but also for research commercialization and its practical application.

In 1994 the Faculty launched its first cycle Business and Technology degree programme taught entirely in English and in 1997 - Gestion et Technologie programme run in French, which is unique nationwide. Currently MPE offers, apart from traditional degree programmes run Polish, two first cycle and two second cycle business programmes taught in English and one first cycle programme in French.

Students and staff take part in exchange programmes focusing on education and research (Erasmus+, PROM Programme[1]). The Faculty offers double diploma studies with universities from France, Germany and Ukraine. In 2017 the dual studies combining engineering and management knowledge as well as professional training were introduced. Courses take place both at the university and in companies. The Faculty also offers doctoral studies in management at the TUL Interdisciplinary Doctoral School.

In the area of education, the main goal of MPE is to make its offer more attractive and to gradually expand novel teaching methods, such as Problem Based Learning, Design Thinking, Research Based Learning, Case Teaching and Flipped Education. The academic staff of the Faculty are constantly upgrading their skills in this area.  

Since 2010 the Faculty has run a Certification Programme of the Managers of the Lodz Region, which is a joint initiative of Lodz University of Technology and Club 500 (the Association grouping owners, presidents and directors of companies and institutions having their seats in the Lodz Region). Its goal is the economic development of the Lodz Region through the improvement of managerial staff.

The strategy of the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering for years 2020-2025 is in line with the strategy of Lodz University of Technology and focuses on the implementation of the SAIL concept. It delineates areas for strategic activities of the Faculty, such as: S (science, staff, students), A (awareness, agility, accountability), I (internationalization, innovation, infrastructure), L (learning, linkage, leadership). Gradual and consistent implementation of the SAIL concept will enable MPE to become a faculty of high global standing in the area of management studies.

[1] International scholarship exchange of doctoral students and academic staff.

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