Asylbek Kozhakhmetov became honorary professor of Caucasus University
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We are pleased to announce that the founder and president of Almaty University Management Asylbek Kozhakhmetov was honored to become an honorary professor of this university.
Caucasus University is based on the Caucasian Business School. Like AlmaU, it was once born from a relatively small School of Management. For 4 years now, a Memorandum of Understanding and an agreement on the exchange of students have been operating between our universities. Asylbek Kozhakhmetov was honored to become an honorary professor of Caucasus University. He was given the opportunity to speak at the graduation ceremony.

“From the bottom of my heart I thank Caucasus University for the honor shown to me. Frankly speaking, it is a great happiness for me to visit Georgia. I feel a special connection with your country and this is not without reason: once, 900 years ago, our Kipchak ancestors came by the call of honor to the Georgian brothers and David IV the Builder and helped to stand in the bloody battle with the Seljuks, having won. Today we continue the tradition of brotherhood - already in the face of our universities Caucasus University and AlmaU - now we are fighting together against ignorance! ”, Asylbek Bazarbaevich said from the stage.

The life of such an innovator in the field of education as Asylbek Kozhakhmetov is the best motivation for graduates who are just starting their journey. His mouth speaks the truth that they simply need to hear: “My parents raised seven children. By the way, we all come from a small village. And the main priority of the parents was to give all of us - their children - a higher education. They worked day and night to teach me, my brothers and sisters, and today we have 17 higher educations for seven! My mother saw an inextricable link between education and success, and this model works.”

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