CEEMAN IQA for Faculty of Business and International Relations of Vistula University
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CEEMAN IQA-certified institutions form a worldwide, international “club” of like-minded and like-quality institutions who, through the CEEMAN network and the new International Alliance network, interact together to lead the way in management education and its future development. We are happy to add yet another member to CEEMAN IQA family - Faculty of Business and International Relations of Vistula University, welcome!
“Joining the group of CEEMAN members is an ennoblement for Vistula University. The accreditation process has brought us many benefits, it helped to verify and refine the existing procedures related to the management of Faculty of Business and International Relations, and to introduce new ones. 
The accreditation procedure gave us an impulse to improve the quality of co-operation with internal and external beneficiaries, and to improve communication. It also drew our attention to the great importance of sustainable development. Joining our university to the CEEMAN community, motivates us to continue our hard work on management processes and the persistent improvement of the quality of education.”

Prof. Barbara Karlikowska, BEng, PhD
Dean of the Faculty of Business and International Relations, Vistula University

Vistula University in Warsaw is the oldest operating non-public university in Poland. It is an international business school educating students from over 100 countries. It prepares them for careers in the areas of management, finance and accounting, international relations, economics, philology, journalism, graphics, architecture, and IT, as well as pedagogy, history, political science, and national security. The university is authorised to confer doctoral degrees in the following disciplines: Economics and Finance, Political Science and Administration, and in the discipline of History. The institution is a pillar of the strong Vistula Group of Universities, which also includes three other private universities. Vistula is one of the best private universities in Poland, which is confirmed by reputable rankings. It offers an innovative model of education at a high level, and with a practice orientation. 

Candidates can choose from nearly 40 programmes that fit in with the current trends, and respond to market expectations. These are 1st and 2nd degree studies, uniform Master's and Post-graduate studies, as well as Executive Education programmes.
Teaching takes place in full-time and part-time mode, as well as on-line. The university is, in fact, a leader in on-line education. It has extensive experience in this field, and the most modern tools.
Vistula's mission is to prepare graduates for their future careers in the best possible way. The university is accredited by Eurostat and HR Excellence in Research. It is one of the few Polish universities to have the full range of ACCA and PMI Global Accreditation Centre for Project Management Education Programmes (PMI GAC) accreditation. Educational programmes are developed jointly with employers, and reviewed by the Social and Business Council. The university co-operates with many leading companies on the market. With the support of outstanding lecturers, students have a chance to gain the knowledge they really need, and the qualifications that employers are really looking for in Vistula. Read more:

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