CEEMAN Partners with Globethics to Foster Ethical Leadership in Management Education
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CEEMAN has embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with Globethics, introducing a new chapter in management education centered around ethical principles. This alliance unites their expertise in management education with a shared commitment to fostering ethical values, integrating crucial themes such as ethics, sustainability, and responsible use of artificial intelligence at the core of management practices. This collaboration represents a significant advancement in promoting ethical leadership within the field of management education.

Aigerim Kaumenova, the Director of CEEMAN, alongside Fadi Daou, Executive Director of Globethics, have laid the foundations for this promising partnership. Aigerim Kaumenova expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: "Joining forces with Globethics enables us to weave ethical considerations into the fabric of management education, tackling important issues such as artificial intelligence and sustainability. This partnership is a leap forward in our mission to cultivate ethical leadership and support sustainable development."

Initiated by visionaries Christoph Stückelberger, President and Founder of Globethics, and Danica Purg, President of CEEMAN and IEDC - Bled School of Management, the partnership is driven by an ambitious agenda for 2024, demonstrating both organizations' commitment to initiating meaningful projects. Fadi Daou reflected on the partnership's beginnings in Bled, Slovenia, with appreciation for the generous hospitality and shared ambitious goals, laying a solid foundation for future collaboration.

Globethics looks forward to hosting CEEMAN members and the wider management education community in Geneva for international events designed to fortify this partnership and enhance the role of ethics in higher education and global business practices. Read more about their events here. 

By leveraging the combined strengths and networks of CEEMAN and Globethics, this partnership not only deepens the commitment to ethical leadership and sustainable development but also opens new avenues for innovation and engagement in management education. It underscores the joint vision of both organizations to cultivate a responsible, ethical, and forward-looking management culture on a global scale.

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