Empowering Change: MIM Business School's Enhanced Programs and Philanthropic Initiatives Reshape the Landscape for Ukraine's Future Leaders
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MIM Business School in Ukraine has updated its MBA programs to aid students and non-profits in challenging times. The MBA 4 NGO project, in collaboration with the Philanthropy in Ukraine initiative, allows students to assist non-profits with organizational challenges. This year, four diverse organizations are receiving support, emphasizing the role of education in driving social change and community engagement.

In a demonstration of commitment to community and social impact, MIM Business School has elevated its Pre-MBA suite of programs to equip students with enhanced intellectual resources for Ukraine's triumph in both wartime and peacetime.

In the wake of a full-scale invasion, MIM revamped its programs, providing a shared core curriculum to foster a sense of unity among students while preserving specialized blocks of disciplines for individual groups. President of MIM Business School, Iryna Tykhomyrova, emphasized the importance of community during challenging times in a welcome speech to the new class, encouraging strength and perseverance.

The MBA program now introduces the MBA 4 NGO project, a joint effort with the Philanthropy in Ukraine initiative where MBA students collaborate with non-profit organizations to enhance their institutional capacity. This element of the program aims to leverage the analytical skills of MBA students to address organizational challenges, accelerate development, and identify resources for improvement.

This year, under the MBA 4 NGO project, four organizations are receiving consultations and draft solutions. "280 Days" focuses on pregnancy complications, aiming to overcome institutional challenges and enhance effectiveness. NGO "Divchata" (Girls) tackles sexual education, addressing challenges in donor attitudes and project prioritization. The Zhyttieliub (Life lovers) Charitable Foundation, supporting elderly individuals, seeks recommendations for sustainable growth. Lastly, “Holosy Dotei” (Voices of Children), operating since 2015, expands its activities nationwide, seeking assistance in strategizing, interacting with the state, and securing funding.

The MBA 4 NGO project not only underscores collaboration but also presents an opportunity for students to contribute to the modernization of the philanthropic ecosystem in Ukraine.

MBA student Nadiia Suddia expressed gratitude for the unique opportunity, emphasizing the chance to participate in an impactful charitable project and contribute to positive societal change. This initiative at MIM Business School exemplifies a harmonious blend of education, community engagement, and meaningful social impact.

Opening lecture for the Pre-MBA Suite of programs.

Dr. Oleksandr Sudarkin, MBA program director speaks to the MBA 4 NGO participants. 
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