How to integrate sustainability into higher education?
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An Erasmus+ project led by Faculty of Management and Economics Gdańsk University of Technology seeks better integration of the topic of sustainability into higher education studies. Gdańsk University of Technology begins a 35-month European Union funded Erasmus+ project named TOO4TO (Tools for Tomorrow), which will be running until August 2023 in co-operation with three European strategic partner institutions.

The project seeks to achieve its aim by designing a working-life oriented curriculum and deliver it in the form of an e-learning module to students of management disciplines. As part of the learning materials, the project intends to establish a dynamic material bank, which summarises and compiles the most recent and relevant materials devoted to sustainability that are applicable in an organisational context. As an innovative educational method, the e-learning module is intended to be arranged in such a way that students can work on international group assignments virtually with students from the partnering higher education institutions, which will enhance the learners' communication and problem-solving skills in virtual multicultural teams.

In line with the EU-supported UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development, and its goals can only be realised within global partnership and co-operation.

 "As a higher education institution, we felt responsible for fulfilling and strengthening our role in society with this matter and, therefore, we started planning this project in early 2020. Our conducted need analysis among students indicated a genuine need for integrating the topic of sustainability into the higher education studies of management students, which is why we wanted to realise our plan. We feel grateful for having the opportunity to start this journey together with our European partners who have similar needs and who can bring a valuable contribution to the project in terms of experience in sustainability-related curricula development and virtual studies", tells professor Małgorzata Zięba, the project lead of TOO4TO from Gdańsk University of Technology.

The project will be coordinated by Gdańsk University of Technology and implemented in co-operation with the strategic partners of Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) and Global Impact Grid (Germany) with its associated partner Steinbeis University Berlin - Institute Corporate Responsibility Management (ICRM).

For more information, contact: professor Małgorzata Zięba at

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