IMTA Success Stories: Dr. Jennifer A. Pope
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We are excited to share the final feature in our "IMTA Success Stories" series, highlighting Dr. Jennifer A. Pope, an alumna from the class of 2017. Dr. Pope, an Associate Professor at Grand Valley State University, has greatly enhanced her teaching methods since attending IMTA.

Interview Highlights:

Q: What were the top three lessons or skills you learned during the IMTA program?

A: "IMTA was a transformative experience. Since my time at IMTA, I have revolutionized my teaching approach by flipping the classroom, making the learning process far more interactive for my students."

Key Takeaways from Dr. Pope’s Interview:

  • Innovative Teaching: IMTA allowed Dr. Pope to explore various business topics, enriching her curriculum and teaching methods.
  • Practical Classroom Changes: She now starts her marketing negotiations class with negotiation exercises from day one, energizing her students.
  • Global Network: The connections made through IMTA have been invaluable, broadening her professional network and perspectives.
Curious about how Dr. Pope applied these skills to her teaching and management practices?

                                      Read Jennifer's Success Story with IMTA!


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